Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboard Review – best budget electric skateboard under 1000

Boosted boards are on another level of producing skateboards, and the secret to their success is yet to be known. Their product, the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ is changing the game and speedily overtaking some of the big names in the industry. It is changing into one of the most popular electric skateboards and becoming a favorite to many electrical board lovers. The board is comprehensive and incorporates a number of features that makes it stand out from the rest.

Features and Specifications

Regenerative braking system

Having a regenerative braking system means, whereas you’re enjoying flashing down the hill on a free ride, your battery pack is additionally having an honest time recharging itself. This is a game-changer. The board incorporates a responsive and finely tuned braking system controlled by a hand-held wireless remote. This enables you to ride for long hours without recharging your board; quite impressive!


Every skateboarder will tell you that movability is a vital feature in skating, and Boosted 2d info Dual+ provides for that. This could be a huge determiner when purchasing a given kind of skateboard. The ease to move gives you the freedom to make sharp turns and the complex tricks, and everyone loves these.  This is one more reason why you want to own the Boosted 2d info Dual+ skateboard – the best budget electric skateboard under 1000.

Speed and battery capacity

Flash through the insane town traffic with a crazy speed of 22miles per charge. The board incorporates a battery life of half a dozen smart miles as tested by GPS. You’ll use this board to travel to your work station and still have enough battery charge to urge back home handily. Arriving late to work is now a thing of the past. This feature doesn’t only favor the operating guys but conjointly works magic for the epic and race riders. It offers 25-grade hill-rise capability and two motors of 2000W combined power.

The Good


This board supports loads of up to 250lbs making it ideal for the sunshine and heaving riders. Keeping all of its options, this board is created to cater to your daily maneuvering needs.

Strong and flexible

This board is created out of bamboo so be rest assured that flexibility is a top priority. The board can proudly boast of being amongst the few that combines prime quality, unbelievable performance, and ground endurance.

The Bad

Short coverage radius

The half a dozen mile per charge that this board offers is pretty little for skaters whose priority is to ride for long distances. This is one of its major limitations. It implies that you will regularly have to stop mid-way for recharge.

Who Is It For?

If you’re crazy about skating, worry no more. Boosted has you covered. This board is created for everyone and specifically riders looking for a highly-performing and flexible ride. Experts who want to try out new complex styles will benefit most from it.


This board will merely be termed as creme DE la creme. Its design is appealing and performance top-notch. Moreover, it’s designed flexible and strong enough to take the hardest of beatings.